T. Schreiber Studios

Page has been teaching at the acclaimed acting school, T. Schreiber Studios, since 2003.  She currently teaches the Voice, Speech, Dialect and Shakespeare classes.  Website

Accent Reduction class is great for non-native English speakers and those who want to minimize a regional accent. This class helps the speaker become more understandable when working on a film set or stage. Maximize your communication skills in this fun, engaging class with an award-winning instructor.

The class uses the text, Speak With Distinction, by Edith Skinner. These readings introduce students to The International Phonetic Alphabet, a system for writing down sounds. Under the guidance of your instructor, you will use this system to correctly place the sounds of American English.

The class explores stress and intonation patterns. Students will make individual recordings which they can play back and analyze.

If you have a desire to reduce your accent and learn all the tools to help strengthen your ear and clear up articulation challenges, this is the class for you! Sign up today to secure your place. There are limited spaces and no audition is needed to register.

Accent Reduction Classes begin Thursday, October 28.

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Vocal Production class is taught to strengthen the actor’s instrument through strong breathing techniques, use of varied energy, musicality, tone, pace, and articulation skills.

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Dialect class is geared toward the introduction of creating foreign and domestic dialects for the actors’ repertoire.

London Dialect (Estuary & Cockney) Classes begin Wednesday, Oct 20.

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Shakespeare class explores unlocking text, scansion of iambic pentameter, studying varied themes and strengthening vocal needs for the performance of plays and sonnets.

Shakespeare Scene Study Level II Classes begin Tuesday, October 19.

Shakespeare Monologue Level I Classes begin Thursday, November 4

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