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Vocal Production

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Page Clements introduces the actor to a range of physical exercises to strengthen breath control and support and relax the throat and upper body. The focus is to develop a stronger vocal tone, resonance, release of useless tension, and value of language. Through a myriad of exercises using the techniques of Patsy Rodenburg, Edith Skinner, others and her own, Page will help each actor feel the voice “drop in” to the body, connect to the emotional life of any character, and truly support the text. The proper use of warm-ups and how to structure them to fit any time frame is also emphasized. Work is applicable to television, film and theatre. 


Voted "Favorite Vocal Coach" ~ 1st Annual Backstage Readers’ Choice Award

“Page taught me how to find my real, true voice, which I possessed in childhood but lost somewhere along the way. And her coaching isn’t just technical. The voice work has helped me become more emotionally available than I have ever been in my life.” 

Jonny Orsini (The Nance, Fish in the Dark, Macbeth), published in Backstage

Exercise for people who get nervous speaking in front of people

Five minute vocal warm-up for actors and singers

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