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Page currently teaches voice/speech/dialect/acting coach in New York City at The T. Schreiber Acting Studio, The Larry Singer Studio and was formerly an Associate Faculty member at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA).

She is also the President and co-founder of Highwire, Inc., a professional educational and theatrical touring company based in New York.  Her duties include performing and producing theatrical productions and teaching voice, speech and acting workshops in colleges and universities across the USA.  She has taught in Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey colleges and universities. 

Specializing in strength of focus/grounding, monologue coaching, scene study, as well as strengthening articulation skills, development of strong, musical vocal resonance, and reduction of regionalisms and foreign dialects. She teaches the International Phonetic Alphabet, articulation correction, vocal projection and breath support skills.


Coach actors of all ages in establishing a repertoire of foreign and domestic dialects. 


Various teaching techniques include the methods of Patsy Rodenburg, Edith Skinner and others. 


Conduct professional workshops geared toward vocal and speech improvement in any workplace of any chosen career including Westgroup, Inc., Patsel’s Restaurant, and The Helen Hayes Hospital.


Dialect and/or vocal coach for numerous theaters including T. Schreiber Theatre, Metropolitan Playhouse, Phoenix Theatre Ensemble, Heights Theatre, John DeSotelle Studio, Nu*ance Theatre, Marywood University Theatre, Lycoming College Theatre, Nylon Fusion Theatre, Hudson Warehouse, Robert Moss Theatre, and the Cell Theatre.

Page teaches virtually using Zoom or FaceTime.  Payment may be made directly through Venmo or Zelle.

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